Clinical Neurology

Neurological Exam

Maneuvers of the neurological examination and bedside tests

Child Neurology

From developmental milestones, congenital anomalies to childhood seizures and antiepileptic drug dosage


Long-known as "The Sacred Disease", here I tried to summarize the three main aspects of epilepsy, the epilepsy syndromes, EEG interpretation and the antiepileptic medications.


A collection of important neuro-ophthalmology summaries, tables and localization hints.


This is by far the largest branch in clinical neurology. Here you'll find summaries for neuropathies, myopathies, neuromuscular and motor neuron disorders.

Stroke & Vascular Neurology

When you wake up in the middle of the night to give a decision for tPA or thrombectomy.


What you need to know about different demylinating and other autoimmune diseases, disease modifying therapies and protocols.


What you need to know about different CNS infections and their antimicrobial coverage.


Learn how to read transcranial doppler and carotid ultrasound. Concise notes to help you pass the RPNI test.


From basics of brain and spine MRI to perfusion and spectroscopy studies.