Updates to The Billing System

>> Shifting from FFS to IPPS <<

Still Under Construction


Important Definitions: 

MACRA: stands for "Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act" which is the bill introduced by president Obama and approved by the Congress in 2015 to change the way Medicare pays medical professionals from fixed payments to the new quality payment program MIPS.

MIPS: stands for "Merit-based Incentive Payment System" that involves bonuses and penalties based on the quality of care. Quality of care is measured using PQRS, VBM and EHR use. MIPS was brought into work in January 2017, to be fully effective in 2022.

  • PQRS: stands for "Physician Quality Reporting System"
  • VBM: stands for "Value Based Payment Modifier"
  • EHR: Electronic Health Record

MIPS score: a score from 0 to 100 that measure the quality of care based on the above three measures PQURS, VBM and EHR use. MIPS score is used by Medicare to determine which health-care professionals will get bonuses and which will get penalized.