Neurologists monitoring in ICU

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Notes & Summaries

Transcranial Doppler (TCD) Reference Values

Normal values for TCD velocities and degrees of vasospasm.

Emperical Antibiotic Coverage in Neuro-ICU

Empirical coverage of common infections seen in Neuro-ICU

Surgical Prophylaxis after neurosurgical surgeries.

Vasopressors and Inotropic medication

Dosage, indications and side effects

Antihypertensive Medications

Dosage, mechanism, onset, side effects

Rounding Sheets

Small Rounding sheet

This is the concise sheet for rounds, you can use it for 4 patients in the same paper or to use it for the same patient over 4 days so you keep values from the previous day in front of you.

Single Patient Rounding Sheet

This is the usual rounding sheet for one patient. A lot of space for complicated patients.

Comprehensive Rounding Sheet

This is the most detailed rounding sheet. Still everything in one page though!

Brain Death Materials:

Brain death Checklist

Checklist for brain death examination, provided by neurocritical care society.

You may be required to create a free account to get access

Bitfalls in the diagnosis of brain death

Some pitfalls that you should avoid, article from neurocritical care society, hosted by WHO.

Brain Death Guidelines

An article for evidence based guidelines to determine brain death, from AAN.

Death by Neurological Criteria

A free online course by Cleaveland clinic foundation

Reflexes & automatisms

Reflexes and automatisms that may be confusing at the diagnosis of brain death, article from neurocritical care society.