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Stroke Section

Stroke Guidelines

2019 Acute Stroke Treatment Guidelines

Summary of the 2019 acute stroke treatment guidelines, easy to read and to use, link

The original guideline paper link

2021 Secondary Stroke Prevention Guidelines

Ischemic stroke prevention guidelines summary, link

The original guideline paper, link

2024 ICH Performance Quality Measures

New recommended measures for acute ICH management, summarized

Original paper link

Stroke Clinical Trials

Acute Ischemic Stroke Trials

All relevant thrombolysis and thrombectomy clinical trials; tPA, TNK, LVO, DeVO/MeVO, Skip thrombolysis, expanding IVT window, expanding MVT window etc


Prevention of Ischemic Stroke

Trials investigating antiplatelets & anticoagulants for stroke prevention, statins, management of dissection, heart failure, Afib, cardiac thrombus etc


Hemorrhagic Stroke Trials

Intracerebral and subarachnoid hemorrhage clinical trials

Landmark Trials

Stroke Call Tools

NIHSS Pocket Guide

All what you need to run a stroke code. NIHSS hints and tricks. Thrombolysis contraindications updated 2023

Stroke Navigator Application

All what you need to run stroke code, NIHSS, mRS, ICH codes, contraindications for TNK, special situations for TNK etc...

Stroke Notes

Brainstem Stroke Syndromes

All the interesting brainstem syndromes from Weber's to Jackson's and Wallenberg.

Monogenic Cerebral Small Vessle Diseases

Have you seen a young patient with acute 'unexplained' lacunar stroke? Read this section and you will get a new prospective on many patients you have seen


Rare but must be aware of since it is treatabe

Hypercoagulable States

Coming Soon...

Vascualr Anatomy

From internal carotid artery divisions to the small branches of posterior cerebral artery....Also their associated clinical syndromes...

Reading CT Perfusion and RAPID software

Is it dissection, A-fib, cardiomyopathy or vertebral stenosis? All what you need to know in one table.

Original Stroke Trials:

tPA Trials

Tissue plasminogen activator story from ECASS to HERMES

Thrombectomy Trials


Other Stroke Trials

From primary stroke prevention to post-stroke treatments.