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Note Templates

A collection of the most comprehensive templates for the common neurological diagnoses.

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Basic Neuroscience

Understanding the basics of neuroscience is the mainstay for good clinician. Here you will find summaries for the basic neuroscience and their clinical correlations.

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Clinical Neurology

Residency is the most busy period in our life. Here is a collection of powerfull resources to save you time and make your life easier!

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Stroke Clinical Trials Section

Acute Stroke Treatment

All relevant thrombolysis and thrombectomy clinical trials; tPA, TNK, LVO, DeVO/MeVO, Skip thrombolysis, expanding IVT window, expanding MVT window etc


Ischemic Stroke Prevention

Trials investigating antiplatelets & anticoagulants for stroke prevention, statins, management of dissection, heart failure, Afib, cardiac thrombus etc


Hemorrhagic Stroke Trials

Intracerebral and subarachnoid hemorrhage clinical trials

Recent Clinical Trials

New Additions:

Monogenic Cerebral Small Vessel Diseases

Have you seen a young patient with acute 'unexplained' lacunar stroke? Read this section and you will get a new prospective on many patients you have seen!

How to read CT Perfusion and RAPID

All what you need to know about CTP, RAPID software sequences and graphs.

2019 Acute Stroke Treatment Guidelines

All you need for acute and preventive stroke treatment in one PDF. 

ISC 2024 Updates

Summary of Landmark Trials published in the ISC 2024 - EMBOLISE, GOLDEN-BRIDGE, STOP-CAD, ZODIAC, TREND etc 

2021 Secondary Stroke Prevention Guidelines

Secondary Stroke Prevention summarized...

Mobile Apps

Stroke Navigator App

The first mobile application to help physicians decide on acute stroke treatment

You will answer some questions, the application will ask you to get certain imaging studies (CTA, CTP or MRI) then it will tell you if the patient is tPA or thrombectomy candidate!

Stroke treatment was straight forward, with CT and CTA you can decide on tPA and thrombectomy. In 2018, things got more complicated! DAWN, DIFFUSE, EXTEND, WAKEUP and more...

How to get it?  Stroke Navigator app is available on App Store 

NeuroTrials App

A database for all neurology clinical trials! 

With evidence-based medicine is the standard of care, we need clinical trials summary at our finger-tips. This is why NeuroTrial App came to life. Stroke, epilepsy, immunology, neuromuscular and other clinical trials, for free.

Continuously updated database on the fly. You also can contribute!

How to get it?  NeuroTrials app is available on App Store 

Neurology Reference Handbook 2nd Edition

Access here
  • The new edition of "Neurology Reference Handbook" will be available soon...

About Neurology-Residents:

Among all medicine sub-specialties, neurology is by far the largest and most versatile.

Neurology not only deals with the the most valuable part of our body 'The Brain", it also deals with the largest system in our body. From the brain to the spinal cord and from the the nerve roots to muscles.

The central and peripheral nervous system, its physiology, anatomy, pathology and the continuously evolving neuro-therapeutics made neurology the only medical sub-specialty that requires its own residency training after internship year.

In Neurology-Residents, I tried to collect the most important details that neurology residents will need during their training. In the middle of a busy call, while taking care of stroke and neuroscience ICU patients, the EMR templates will help to save your precious time. While on Child neurology rotation, no need to keep searching the internet for medication dosages, it is all available in one website.

I hope this site gains your respect and admiration.