Planter Reflex

planter reflex

Planter Reflex

If you tried to think about the most definitive sign in neurological examination, with no doubt it will be Babiniski Sign. The sign was reported by Joseph Babinisk in 1874 and since then it has been of pivotal importance in neurological exam.



In the Foot: 

Babiniski's: The lateral side of the sole of the foot is rubbed with a blunt instrument from the heel along a curve to the base of the big toe.

Chaddock’s: The stimulus is applied along the lateral aspect of the foot instead of the sole.

Cornell: The dorsum of the foot is scratched along the inner side of the extensor tendon of the great toe.

Bing’s: Multiple pinpricks are given on the dorsolateral surface of the foot.

In the Leg:

Oppenheim’s: Firm pressure is applied along the shin of the tibia from below the knee to the ankle.

Gordan’s: Squeezing the calf muscle.

Schaefer’s : Squeezing the Achilles tendon.

In the Toes: 

Gonda’s: The fourth toe is flexed then released with snap.

Stransky: The fifth toe is abducted maximally and then released suddenly.

Thockmorton: The dorsal aspect of the metatarsophalangeal joint of the great toe is percussed.


Strümpell: Patient attempts to flex the knee against resistance.